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Glass Core Services

UV Printing

The flexibility of printing on glass has opened a new world of options, and compelling advantages for glass processors, architects, and designers. It improves the value of glass and increases its possibilities for a wide range of applications in industrial, commercial, automotive, interior design, and architectural purposes. UV printing, which uses UV-curable organic ink, offers the flexibility for unlimited color combinations and is a fast and economical method for printing high-quality, customizable images on glass for architectural and interior design applications. We offer a wide range of UV printing services that not only increase the design potential, but also serve to enhance flexibility, durability, and sustainability for exterior as well as interior glass surfaces.

Glass Cutting

Custom cutting of different types of glass is an integral part of industrial glass processing services. Quality and precision in cutting, efficiency in safe loading and handling glass, and productivity of the machines we use give Desert Line Glass an advantage in glass processing services in Qatar.

CNC Glass cutting tables & Automatic cutting lines from Maver, Italy, one of the world leaders in this line of machinery, add accuracy, high productivity, and sophistication to our workshop facility. Our skilled glass cutters and CNC operators ensure quality processing services for different types of glass.

Glass Edging Polishing

Glass Edging improves safety, aesthetics, functionality, and neatness while improving dimensional tolerance and helps to prevent chipping. We are equipped with high-end machines to provide a wide range of glass edging services.

The scope of glass edging services ranges from cut& swipe, grind & Chamfer (bevel), pencil grind, pencil polish, flat polish, Ogee edging, mitered edging, etc. Our modern range of machines can provide beveling services on glass, mirrors, door panels, table-tops, etc., with thicknesses ranging from 4 mm to 19 mm. For added effect, double and triple bevels can be done on 4 -19mm thicknesses of glass., from 15 – 60mm widths.

Drilling & Notching

It takes high-precision machines and tools, apart from skilled operators, for drilling, notching, and making cutouts, slots, holes, and countersunk holes on different types of glass. At Calisto Line Glass, we have a range of machines and tools, and trained operators who ensure high quality and precision. We are equipped to drill accurate holes and countersunk holes on glass, from 6mm to 100 mm in diameter. External and internal notches and cutouts can be done on 3mm to 19 mm thick glasses, and specialized fabrication work for structural assemblies and entrance door, are also undertaken.

Shape Glass Edging

Apart from straight-line polishing and beveling, we are equipped with Glass shape edging machines designed to polish and bevel standard shapes such as Circles, Ovals, Domes, Archtops, etc. We have highly skilled workmen who can achieve more intricate shapes using specialized tools and freehand facility.

Glass Edging improves safety, aesthetics, functionality, and neatness while improving dimensional tolerance and helps to prevent chipping.

Sand Blasting

We are equipped with one of the best automatic Sandblasting machines for etching and frosting glass for decorative purposes, in the desired designs and patterns. Acid etching, in which the caustic compound eats away the glass substrate to create etched patterns, is also done at our facility.
Further, we can add different textures and painted images to the glass surface for enhanced appeal and impressive effects as per the clients’ requirements.

Architectural Glazing

Calisto Glass employs sophisticated Double/ Triple glazing units to cater to the architectural glazing needs of the nation. Double glazed glass provides numerous benefits over the standard single glazed glass, like allowing natural light, superior insulation, enhanced acoustics and external noise restriction, UV protection, enhanced security, energy conservation, etc.

Our double-glazing ranges from 18mm to 24mm in thickness. As a standard, we use air spacers (Italy/ Saudi), White & Golden Georgian Bars (Italy), Décor Flower Pattern (Italy), to ensure quality and durability.


Tempering or toughening the glass through heat-treatment makes it stronger and safer for commercial and residential use. tempered glass is four to five times stronger than annealed, or untreated, glass and has increased tensile strength, thermal shock resistance, heat withstanding capacity, and safety. Desert Line Glass Undertakes glass tempering jobs from 4MM to 19MM in thickness. We are the first in Qatar to install Kera Glass Tempering Plant from Italy, which is considered the best of its kind in the world. It meets the productivity and quality standards of medium to large companies in the market.

Glass Lamination

Laminated Glass is a sandwich of two or more plies of glass interlaid with Polyvinyl butyral (PVB), giving it strong binding qualities, toughness, safety, and flexibility. The key advantages of laminated glass are that it blocks 99 percent of the UV-light transmission, has better sound insulation, stays together on impact without shattering, and can take different colors and shades as per the interlays. Thus, it qualifies as a safety glazing material for both functional and decorative purposes. We at Desertline undertake a variety of laminating services and projects of exterior storefronts, curtain walls, windows, doors and side panels, railings, and so on.

Heat Soak Testing

CALISTO GLASS conducts ‘Heat Soak Test’, to eliminate the incidence of spontaneous breakage in tempered glass due to Nickel Sulphide inclusion when it is set in high-rise buildings.

We conduct Heat Soak Testing, in compliance with the European Standard BS EN 14179 – 1 & 2. Accordingly, the glass is subjected to specified temperatures in the oven to verify tolerances, flatness, edge work, fragmentation, and physical and mechanical characteristics of heat soaked thermally toughened safety glass for use in buildings.