Tempering Plant

We undertakes glass tempering jobs from 4MM to 19MM in thickness.

Bovone Lamination
Plant​ Italy

Automatic and semi-automatic lines to meet customer needs

CNC Glass Cutting
Machine MAVER, Italy

This is a  sophisticated CNC cutting machine that ensures utmost accuracy

Glass Shape Grinding
Machine (Round Polishing) Italy

This shape grinding machine enables us to do chamfered edge finishing on glass for added decorative and functional purposes.

glass straight line edge2
Glass Straight Line Edge
Polishing Machine: Italy

Flat polishing/beveling can be done on glass of thickness ranging from 4 MM to 19 MM.

Glass Straight Line
Beveling Machine: Italy

It is suitable for grinding beveling edge on different sizes and thicknesses of glass.

Vertical Washing Machine
Double Glazing BARETTA, ITALY

This vertical washing is one of the most versatile machines for the flat glass and double-glazing industries used in its vertical processing line

Silicone Pump Machine

The main pump pneumatic system smooth drive. The double group match device can be adjusted electrodeless & meet accurate matching requirement

silicone sealing
Silicone Sealing Rotating Machine

Baretta Profili SRL C63 100cc, Italy, Silicone Sealing & rotating machine is a value addition to our production facility for double and triple glazing services.

Automatic Sandlasting Machine Italy

Custom designs of all sorts are possible. We also offer standard designs to choose from. 

glass edge cross
Glass Edge Cross Belt Grinding Machine ,Japan

The machine has high drilling precision, repeatability, and efficiency

Glass Holing Machine, Germany

We offers accurate holes & counter sunk holes drilled from 6MM to 100MM Dia.

Cutter Plotter Machine: Mimaki, Germany.

This machine is controlled by a computer. Sharp blade to cut into a sheet of vinyl and form letters, numbers, shapes, etc.  It helps sandblast resist effectively.