Glass Profile Range

Blue ClassicBelgium
Blue Super SilverBelgium
Clear ClassicBelgium
Victracool Clear Reflective
Green ClassicBelgium
Green Super Silve,Belgium
Grey ClassicBelgium
Dark Grey ClassicBelgium
Priva BlueBelgium
Clear Super SilverBelgium
Victralite Bronze Reflective
Bronze ReflectiveChina
HD Bronze RefBelgium
Clear ReflectiveChina
Dark BlueChina
Dark GreenChina
HD Green RefBelgium
Grey ReflectiveChina
Dark GreyChina
Lake BlueChina
Light GreenChina
Pink ReflectiveChina
Royal BlueChina
Golden ReflectiveChina
HD Bronze Reflective Belgium
HD Green ReflectiveBelgium
HD Grey Reflective
HD Blue ReflectiveBelgium
Clear Guardian 2 to 19 mm
Extra Clear6 to 12 mm
Crystal Clear6 to 12 mm
Blue TintedChina
Bronze TintedChina
Victralite Bronze Tinted
Dark Green TintedChina
Light Green TintedChina
Lake Blue Tinted China
Clear – Guardian/ UFG 3 mm to 6 mm
Silver4 & 6 mmBelgium
Decorative4 & 6 mmChina
Bronze MirrorChina
Dark Blue Tinted China
Grey TintedChina
Bronze FigureChina
Clear FigureChina
Dark Blue FigureChina
Green FigureChina
Grey Figure China
Clear Laminated Thickness range: 6 mm to 8 mm

Georgian Wired
Clear Figure Wired
Bronze Figure Wired

High/ Medium Performance
Complete range of fixed and frameless door accessories – Italy/ Taiwan/ China Complete range of double-glazed product accessories – Italy (AL-7)