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Cutter Plotter Machine: Mimaki, Germany.

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This machine is controlled by a computer. Sharp blade to cut into a sheet of vinyl and form letters, numbers, shapes, etc.  It helps sandblast resist effectively.

Glass Holing Machine, Germany

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Desertline offers accurate holes and counter sunk holes drilled from 6MM to 100MM Dia. External 7 internal notches and cut-out can be carried out in glass from 3MM to 19MM in thickness.

Silicone Sealing Rotating Machine

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Baretta Profili SRL C63 100cc, Italy, Silicone Sealing & rotating machine is a value addition to our production facility for double and triple glazing services.

Silicone Pump Machine

Reinhardt Technik -6 (Eco Star 250), Germany The main pump pneumatic system smooth drive. The double group match device can be adjusted electrodeless and meet accurate matching requirement